Goat Milk Facial Cleanser



It goes without saying that goat milk has not got a lot of competition when it comes to offering new growth to your skin.

Our Goat Milk Facial Cleanser is an epitome of genuineness with stupendous skin cleansing properties that never let you down to shine naturally on any given day. Enriched with natural Vitamin A ingredients which are excellent for skin exfoliation.

Goat Milk Facial Cleanser Benefits & Features

High in fatty acids and vitamins

Vitamin A and fatty acids are mainly the great friends of humans and their skins; hence the goat milk being highly possessed with positive fatty acids proves to be very useful for your skin even if the issues or skin imperfections are prolonged and sticking for a while.

An everlasting cool impact

When there are multiple skin problems because of weather or seasonal reasons, Goat Milk Facial Cleanser is deemed as the formula that works perfectly as it is naturally made to cool down nature's intensity on your skin and make it work like normal even under unfavorable conditions.

Anti-bacterial and nourishing

Apart from working as a brilliant facial cleanser, it comes with fine anti-bacterial properties to assist your skin in overpowering the potential bacteria-oriented problems and it renders the kind of nourishing to the skin that redevelops the inner smoothness quite naturally.

Preservatives free

Goat Milk Facial Cleanser is manufactured responsibly with nothing but all the organic and naturally collected components in order to make sure that there are no additives or artificial ingredients to compromise on health standards.

Key Ingredients
  • Goat Milk – Provides skin with beneficial fatty acids and vitamins to enhance it
  • Organic Aloe Leaf Juice –Soothes and cools the skin for freshness
  • Organic Coconut Oil – Helps nourish and moisturize the skin
  • Organic Lavender Water – Anti-bacterial properties help fight off bacteria on the skin
Why buy Goat Milk Facial Cleanser?
  • Long-lasting nourishing and repairing impact
  • Relaxes the skin down and prevails shine & glare
  • Free from any added elements and comes in all-natural condition

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