Lavender Shortbread Cookie Scrub



Give your skin a luxurious boost with the organically manufactured Lavender Shortbread Cookie Scrub. With its fast-absorbing properties, non-greasy texture, and ultra-hydrating treatment, enjoy smooth and silky skin, remove excess dead cells, and repair dull and cracked skin. Say no to wrinkles and fine lines with the perfect blend of shea butter, sugar cane, and a mix of essential oils.

With the powerful antioxidants found in Rosehip Seed Oil, Omega 3-fatty acids in Primrose, and natural moisturizers in Jojoba Seed Oil, let your skin reconnect with nature and remove all impurities. With the cookie body scrub, you get to prevent breakouts by exfoliating dead skin cells from the surface and hydrating your skin from the inside out to rejuvenate your natural, soft, smooth, and flawless skin.

Benefits of using Cookie Scrub
  1. Gently exfoliate dead skin cells to make remove new and fresh-looking skin.
  2. Hydrate your skin cells from within with the natural blend of moisturizer.
  3. Enjoy the natural healing and nourishing properties of shea butter and prevent damaged and cracked skin.
  4. Kill and prevent all free radicals with the blend of active antioxidants.
  5. Flaunt your natural and healthy skin, during all seasons.


  • Exfoliate the face and other parts of the body to promote blood circulation and skin cell turnover.
  • Clear your congestions and remove impurities.
  • Smoothen out razor bumps and free in-grown hair.
  • Soften your rough, dry, and flaky skin.
  • Get your Lavender Exfoliating Scrub Right Away!


  • Cane Sugar – Gentle exfoliator helping to break down dead skin cells and encourage fresh cell turnover
  • Organic Shea Butter – Natural healing properties and nourishing for the skin
  • Organic Jojoba Seed Oil - Natural skin moisturizer and oily skin control
  • Rosehip Seed Oil – Loaded with antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamins
  • Organic Evening Primrose – Packed with Omega-6 fatty acids that is crucial for the skin

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