Resin Waterfall Backflow Incense Burner



Inspired from the ever so iconic essence of resin, our Resin Waterfall Incense Burner shapes up a flamboyant ambiance with its refreshing aroma. Being handmade with naturally crafted resin material along with the fine color vibes, there is a downward directional mountain-like waterfall effect to fascinate the onlookers.

The scent incense cones put forward a classical vibe of various air cleansing aromas backed up with prolonged burning time.

Features of Resin Waterfall Incense Burner
  • Amazing handcraft

Resin Waterfall Incense Burner is a handmade craft of its own due to natural elements being used in its all-organic making, that also sorts of transforms into a vintage piece of furniture and graces the place where it is kept.

  • Exceptional waterfall impact

Unlike traditional burners, Resin Waterfall Incense Burner has this unique feature that its reverse falling waterfall effect takes an outlook of a steep mountain that is only exciting and enhances the atmosphere thoroughly.

  • Multiple colors of cones

Resin Waterfall Incense Burner comes with multi-colored cones with its sensational scent that only uplifts a sorrowful mood to make you feel better and more lively.

  • Versatile and modern

Apart from being used in regular routine, Resin Waterfall Incense Burner tends to be a totally stupendous choice for big days and occasions and never disappoints your guests with its modern appearance.

Why buy Resin Waterfall Incense Burner?
  • Longlasting cones that come with a burning span of 15-20 minutes
  • A very different mountain-like waterfall effect
  • Perfect gift, convenient and aromatherapeutic

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