The Company

Once upon a time, humans used kitchen ingredients like milk, butter, vegetables and fruits for skin & hair care. As days passed by, results oriented and cost cutting measures replaced natural ingredients with synthetic and harmful chemicals that are damaging our health & environment. We braved to change that and developed skin care line made with fresh food grade ingredients just like old ages, with organic content.

Our Products

L&I Apothecary organic skincare line is developed by professional estheticians using ingredients obtained from fresh fruits & vegetables. Each ingredient is either produced in our farms or responsibly sourced from ethical producers. Our products are natural & organic, each product is packaged into carefully selected environmentally friendly and re-useable packaging. We care about our health & environment and ready to do our part in order to get things right.


Our mission is to bring back pure & natural alternatives to chemicals, preservatives and parabens, cut out harmful chemicals from personal care products and provide awareness for healthy life style.