Organic Grapefruit Essential Oil



The Organic Grapefruit Essential Oil is an amazing combination of citrus top notes that are extracted from seeds and peels of Citrus paradisi to present with a riveting odor of sweet orange along with a combination of pomelo making it legendary for not only skin-related benefits but even for the purpose of crafting sensational diffusers and perfumes.

Benefits & Features

Ideal combination for a pleasant scent

When it comes to the odor of any oil, an overwhelming majority of the oil users prefer such oil types that come with attractive smell and Grapefruit Essential Oil never disappoints in that regard as it features wonderful citrus notes backed with fruity touch to appeal to the users of all ages ever so convincingly.

Mood uplifting

Grapefruit Essential Oil is the element that renders a compact help when you are exhausted, going through fatigue, or bad vibe as its refreshing notes can pull your mood up in the morning or even throughout the day. Not only that, Grapefruit Essential Oil provides a soothing feel on both your hair and skin.

Puts resilience against skin blemishes

Our skins could be predisposed to varied types of damage and issues like marks and spots, in such circumstances when you are done and dusted with conventional products, it is high time to give Grapefruit Essential Oil a try as it supports your skin to fight against blemishes or imperfections.

Hair-friendly and cruelty-free

When you are struggling with your hair health, instead of trying out unhelpful chemical-filled products, the ideal practice is to turn to Grapefruit Essential Oil that can do wonders in no time and not only that, it is also worthy to mention that we always remain cruelty-free with all of our products.


Organic Grapefruit (Organic Citrus Paradisi) 100 Pure, Therapeutic Grade

Why Buy Grapefruit Essential Oil?
  • The powerful fruity, appealing citrusy fragrance
  • Organic, fatigue repelling, and effective
  • Ideal for skin and hair

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