Ultimate Face & Body Butter Cream



Naturally, heal and soothe your skin with the Ultimate Face & Body Butter Cream. Extracted directly from the flowers of the Calendula officinalis plant and blended with aloe vera, the ultimate buttercream soothes, tightens, protects, and hydrates your skin from within.

Every day, face and body buttercream is the perfect skincare product for individuals with dry, sensitive, and damaged skin. Add it to your daily beauty routine and fight skin conditions with our highly effective skin nourishing and moisturizing face and body cream.


4 Oz. Ultimate Face & Body Calendula Cream With Aloe Vera + Calendula Extract - Eczema Cream, Itch Cream, for Rough, Dry, Irritated & Chapped Skin, Itch Relief. Calendula Cream For Face & Body

Benefits of Ultimate Face & Body Butter Cream
  1. Anti-Inflammatory

Its anti-inflammatory properties come from the natural blend of antioxidants and healing agents found in the calendula flower. Regular application prevents the body from releasing histamines, which are neurotransmitters responsible for causing allergies, pain, redness, and inflammation.

  1. Moisturizing Effect

The linoleic acid found in calendula has natural moisturizing properties which help soothe your skin cells from inside out. The essential fatty acids enhance the ability of the cells to absorb the required nutrients and hold on to the moisture for a long to prevent dryness, flakiness, and cracked skin. Furthermore, it leaves your skin smoother, well-nourished, and healthier than ever!

  1. Anti-Oxidative

Flavonoids found in calendula are powerful antioxidants that act as protectors for your skin. Regular application of the buttercream allows them to form a defensive layer on your skin which shields your skin from harsh weather conditions, free-radical damage, and UV rays.

  1. Anti-Aging Properties

The anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative nature of the flower gives it its anti-aging properties and helps in securing your elastin and collagen supply. Say no to fine lines, early wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation on your skin.

No more spotting and dullness. Add a natural glow and youthful appearance to your skin with the Ultimate Face and Body Butter Cream.

  1. Natural Healing Agent

For centuries, calendula has been used to treat day-to-day scars and wounds. The flower is immensely popular for promoting healing C-section scars and reducing inflammation in the area.

Regular application of the affected area helps increase the blood flow which enhances the healing process. Apply it to your dry, itchy, or burned skin to get instant relief.

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